Job Description-Finance Officer


  1. Set out below is the Job Description for the post of Finance Officer, New Life Christian Centre, Wakefield (NLCC). The post is principally concerned with the financial matters of the Charity but also includes some administrative responsibilities.
  2. The Charity has two main functions, that is, the management of New Life Church (with about 200 members and an annual income of £213,108 (2017)) and the management of New Life Pre-School and Nursery (registered for a maximum of 40 children at a point in time, with 53 children currently (December 2018) in attendance, and an annual income of £259,811 (2017)).

Financial matters

  1. The Finance Officer is responsible for the maintenance of accurate records of all aspects of the Charity’s income and expenditure and for doing so in such a way as to facilitate easy analysis for management purposes.
  2. The Finance Officer will be required to manage NLCC finances in accordance with relevant statutory requirements, to keep up-to-date with changes in related legislation and to identify and implement changes required in NLCC financial responsibilities by changes in legislation.
  3. The Finance Officer will prepare a detailed draft Financial Budget for NLCC for consideration by the Board of Directors and a Finance Report, including appropriate financial statements, for inclusion in the Board of Directors Report to the NLCC Annual General Meeting.
  4. The Finance Officer must be computer literate and will require to be familiar with, and regularly make use of, a variety of software packages used in the management of NLCC accounts, including ‘Word’, ‘Excel’ and ‘Sage’.
  5. The Charity employs a total of 15 full-time/part-time members of staff. The Finance Officer will be responsible for all financial matters associated with the employment of all members of staff, including the fulfilment of statutory requirements (such as issue of P45’s, returns to HMRC and National Insurance returns), for all matters related to the payment of salaries and wages and in connection with pensions, and for the maintenance of all payroll records for both statutory and NLCC management purposes.
  6. The Finance Officer will be responsible for the management of all banking, including internet banking, matters. This will include processes associated with the counting, safe-custody, banking and record-keeping of all income, including cash, cheques and direct debits from Sunday and other offerings and from payments for the attendance of children at the New Life Pre-School and Nursery.
  7. The Finance Officer will have responsibility for all aspects of the management of Gift Aid at New Life Church, including recruitment of participants, corresponding with contributors, dealing with all documentation in an appropriate manner, maintenance of records and completion of returns to HMRC.
  8. The Finance Officer will be responsible for the preparation and submission of comprehensive but concise reports to members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) on a monthly basis, issued so as to facilitate timely consideration by members before upcoming meetings of the SLT. The monthly reports will cover all appropriate aspects of NLCC finances, be sufficiently adequate to enable members to appreciate relevant financial information and draw attention to issues of significance.
  9. The SLT makes grants to individuals and other organisations from time-to-time. The Finance Officer will be responsible for corresponding with grantees on behalf of the SLT and for supporting the SLT in consideration of the grant-making process.
  10. NLCC engages an external accountant in connection with the preparation and auditing of its annual, year-end, accounts. The Finance Officer is responsible for managing all aspects of this process, including the preparation for, and provision to, the accountant of a comprehensive range of financial and other relevant information and liaising with the accountant in the preparation of draft Final Accounts for consideration by, and ultimately approval of, the Board of Directors.
  11. The Finance Officer is responsible for annually renewing the insurance policy in respect of all NLCC-owned assets. Prior to renewal, the Finance Officer will ensure that the asset registers for New Life Church and New Life Pre-School and Nursery are updated, by adding newly acquired assets, deleting discarded assets and ensuring that cover levels are adequate.
  12. The Finance Officer will facilitate the internal auditing of accounts by making available necessary documentation to a nominated member of the SLT.

Administrative matters

  1. The Finance Officer will be responsible for ensuring that a range of miscellaneous tasks are performed on an annual basis, including PAT testing; fire extinguisher maintenance; fire risk assessments; servicing of fire alarm system, security alarm system and heating system; and renewing various Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) licences
  2. The Finance Officer will act as purchasing officer for church supplies, with particular responsibility for the maintenance of stocks of stationery. He/she will also be responsible for the safe custody of appropriate documents in accordance with statutory requirements and for the incineration of redundant documents on an annual basis.
  3. The Finance Officer will have a range of responsibilities associated with the upkeep, maintenance and repair of the church building, including placing orders with contractors for various building and engineering works, the performance of health and safety risk assessments and secure key holding matters.
  4. The Finance Officer will be the designated ‘lead recruiter’ with 31:8 (formerly CCPAS) and the responsible person for dealing with all Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) matters at NLCC.
  5. The SLT normally meet to deal with business matters on a bi-monthly basis. The Finance Officer will be required to attend these meetings.


  1. The Finance Officer will work 35 hours per week for a salary which will be precisely determined at interview. The starting sum is expected to be between £17,000 and £21,000, depending on experience.


Anyone interested in this post should send their CV to Kevin Foster, NLCC. George Street, Wakefield, WF1 1DL or email it to  Please include any experience of voluntary or paid work in a Christian Setting. Further information can be obtained by contacting our Senior Minister, Kevin Foster on 01924-383253