Daily Reflections

3rd March – Luke – Blessed are those who mourn

1st March – Paul MNC – Do what it says


26th Feb – Kevin – Will you not Revive us again?

Martin – Psalm 37

Paul MNC – Connect to God

Kevin – Temptation & Sin – The Same?


Henry – SEEK first His Kingdom and His Righteousness


15th Feb – Paul – What can separate us from the Love of God

12th Feb – Luke- Blessed are the poor in Spirit

10th Feb – Kevin – The Will of God

8th Feb – Paul (MNC) – Having a pure heart

5th Feb – Martin: Psalm 24


3rd Feb – Henry – Searching Scriptures

1st Feb – Get rid of the rubbish

29th Jan – Growing in God in the midst of Pain


27th Jan – In my distress I cried out to the Lord


Jan 25th – MNC – Serving others


Jan 22nd – Week of prayer for Christian Unity

Jan 20th – Psalm 19

Jan 18th – Give in Love

Jan 15th – The Dream Team

Jan 13th – Spiritual Detox


Jan 8th: Make this valley full of ditches

Jan 6th: Psalm 8

Monday 15th December: MNC Christmas Special


Friday 11th December: Sarah – The Ultimate Victor

Wed 9th December: Martin – Revelation 10 

Mon 7th December: Paul – Jesus the great King!

Fri 4th December: Luke – The Greatest Gift for the Greatest Gift

Wed 2nd December: Kevin – Holy Spirit Nudge me

Mon 30th November: Paul – Do not become weary

Fri 27th November: Henry – The Good Life: Obedience


Wed 25th November: Sarah – Life’s journey: Looking Outward and Upward

Mon 23rd November: Paul – The Good News

Fri 20th November: Martin: 1 John 5

Wed 18th November: Luke: Laughter is good

Mon 16th November: Paul: Change

Fri 13th November: Henry: The Good Life: Service

Wed 11th November: Sarah: Life’s Journey – Joseph the dreamer

Mon 9th November: Paul: Deep rooted in Christ Part 3

Fri 6th November: Max – Faith in the Storms

Wed 4th November: Martin 1 Peter 1

Mon 2nd November: Paul – Deep Rooted Pt 2

Fri 30th October: Luke – Joy in everyday things

Wed 28th October: Henry-The Good Life: First Love

Mon 26th October: Paul -Deep rooted in Christ

Fri 23rd October: Sarah – Life’s Journey

Wed 21st October: Martin – Hebrews 9

Mon 19th October: Paul – God’s generous gift

Fri 16th October: Luke – Count your blessings


Wed 14th October: Henry – The Good Life (2)

Mon 12th October: Paul – The Light of the World

Fri 9th October: Sarah – Life’s Journey(2)

Wed 7th October: Martin – Titus 

Mon 5th October: Paul – Your sleep will be sweet

Fri 2nd Oct: Testimony from Graham Brown

Wed 30th Sept: Henry – The Good Life – The fear of the Lord

Fri 25th Sept: Luke – There is fullness of Joy in your presence

Wed 23rd Sept: Sarah – Life’s Journey

Fri 18th Sept: Martin – Discipline

Wed 16th Sept: Luke – Restore to me the joy of your salvation

Living by faith

4. Friday 4th Sep: The Just shall live by faith

3. Wed 2nd Sep: Faith comes by hearing

2. Fri 28th Aug: Living by Faith (2)

1. Wed 26th Aug:Living by Faith (1)

The Covenant Names of God

11. Fri 21st Aug:Faithful God


10. Wed 19th Aug:The God who does not change

9. Friday 19th August: The God who does not change

8. Friday 14th August: The Lord who is there/who sees

7. Wednesday 12th August: The Lord is our Shepherd

6. Friday 7th August: God our Righteousness 

5. Wednesday 5th August: God our Peace

4. Friday 31st July: God our Healer

3. Wednesday 29th July: God our Banner

2. Friday 24th July: Jehovah Jireh

1. Wednesday 22nd July: The Great I AM