Daily Reflections

31st March – Sarah: Hunger – At the feet of Jesus

29th March – Paul MNC – What does Easter mean to you?

26th March – Martin – Psalm 53

24th March – Henry – Seek Justice

22nd March – Paul MNC – You reap what you sow

19th March – Kevin – How Great is YOUR God

17th March – Luke – Blessed are the meek (humble)


15th March – Paul MNC – Trusting in God For The Future

12th March – Kevin – The Vision for the season ahead

10th March – Martin – Psalm 41

8th March – Paul MNC – Do NOT worry

5th March – Henry – Seek my face

3rd March – Luke – Blessed are those who mourn

1st March – Paul MNC – Do what it says


26th Feb – Kevin – Will you not Revive us again?

Martin – Psalm 37

Paul MNC – Connect to God

Kevin – Temptation & Sin – The Same?


Henry – SEEK first His Kingdom and His Righteousness


15th Feb – Paul – What can separate us from the Love of God

12th Feb – Luke- Blessed are the poor in Spirit

10th Feb – Kevin – The Will of God

8th Feb – Paul (MNC) – Having a pure heart

5th Feb – Martin: Psalm 24


3rd Feb – Henry – Searching Scriptures

1st Feb – Get rid of the rubbish

29th Jan – Growing in God in the midst of Pain


27th Jan – In my distress I cried out to the Lord


Jan 25th – MNC – Serving others


Jan 22nd – Week of prayer for Christian Unity

Jan 20th – Psalm 19

Jan 18th – Give in Love

Jan 15th – The Dream Team

Jan 13th – Spiritual Detox


Jan 8th: Make this valley full of ditches

Jan 6th: Psalm 8