Day of Prayer

Key Workers

NHS & Medical

Mary Kemshall
Andie Hill
Adrian Makoni
Louise McCarthy
Tom Fowley
Sheila Lovatt
John Ogier
Natalie Ogier
Temi (Fieldhead)
Angela Mandaza
Clement Mandaza
Dianne Butler
Tina Davies
Claire Gratrick
Kath Soultan
Kavitha Roselin
Nanette Zulu
Wamemba Zulu
Deb Paddock
Ben Thomas
Robyn (Emma’s Niece)
Sheila Lovatt
Sandra Mwale.
Nothando Mkhwananzi
Elisia Sharpe

For NHS Admin workers
Tim, Andrea and Liz (who are still working)

Care Workers

Fraser Lovatt
James Winpenny
Irene Svose
Shepherd Svose
Chibuzo Mere
Patience Nhengu
Sue Crossley
Praise Carter
Gaynor Smith
Gabi Milhai
Amber Musgreave

Social Concern

Kevin Dobson
Tony Cox
Zoe Smith
Sue Sampson
Charlotte Brooke


Lisa Brown
Janna Crompton
Rachel Parker
Kim Yates
Amy Smith
Kay Cox
Natasha Nicholls
Matt & Claire Boutle

Praise God for the people enrolled on our Online Alpha-pray all will find or grow in their love for Jesus, For Sarah Renton, Jo Masters, Sharon Newson, Phil Mc Kenning as they lead the course every Tuesday at 7pm.

Praise God for our new Personal Prayer line for those who want one to one prayer-pray for success.

PraIse God for the continued faithful giving by members of the church-thankyou so much!

Praise God for the Unity of Churches and leaders in Wakefield-pray we will be able to build on this and serve God together in the future.

Praise God that Ernest Anderson is now out of hospital

Praise God we come to the one to whom nothing is impossible!

Pray that as lockdown is eased, the government and PM Boris Johnson will know wisdom as to the next steps.

Pray against a second spike in people catching the virus and for an economic recovery in the UK.

Pray for a deliverance physically and spiritually in our nation

Pray for a proposed vaccine to be effective and pass clinical trials.

Pray the for Lisa, Rachel Janna, Kim and Amy and all the children at our nursery which re opened on Mon 27th July). Pray for new children to enrol for September

Pray for Kevin and Sue and all at CAP- for their protection, blessing & breakthrough. One rough sleeper died last week near the Trinity Centre after an overdose-CAP is so needed at this time

Pray for Nicky Stansby and all those co-ordinating care in the city

Pray for Council leader Denise Jeffrey and all dept leaders. Pray that all parties will work together and listen to each other to get things done in the city

Pray for local MP’s Imran Khan, John Trickett; Andrea Jenkyns; Yvette Cooper;

Pray for our Queen and Royal family

Pray for Leo and Daniela Lupu in Romania, they hope to complete the park by the end of this week

Pray for Vincent Borromeo in Italy as he completely guts and refurbs a building to become a new facility to reach out to young people in Tarranto in Southern Italy

Pray for Margaret Gordon in Kyrgyzstan.

Pray for the work of One by One in Kenya, Sri Lanka and Pakistan and for Becky and Matthew Murray

Pray for Enyo Agada in Manchester

Pray for us all at NLCC as we begin to make plans to refurbish and possibly extend the current church premises in the future.

Pray for good weather in August so we can hold a service outdoors on either 23rd or 30th August

Pray for our church services starting again on 6th September

Pray for the Life Group Leaders as they make preparations to start week commencing 14th September

Pray for the Ignite Youth Group and for Luke and Janna as they lead our young people through this unprecedented time

Pray for Tony Zammuto- for total healing from cancer. Thank God for some improvement in his lung capacitu. Pray too for him, Lorraine, Sofia and Luca

Pray for Ernest Hibbert that he would experience the miracle he needs and would be healed of cancer. Pray too for Elisabeth and the family

Pray for John McGuire-a CAP trustee who is recovering from a stroke.

Pray for Jim McKay-back home but in constant pain with the stoma-pray the doctors will be able to resolve the underlying issues with a 3rd operation

Pray for Paul Whitfield’s mum Dorothy

Pray for Liz’s mum Enid with an infection and very confused

Pray for Sarah Porteous’s gran Vera who is undergoing various tests

Pray for Sarah Wood to be freed from any more Anaphylactic shocks and for Paul, Noah, Isaac and Elijah.

Pray for Portuguese group member Carmelita who was diagnosed with breast cancer last week

Pray for young Alfie with stage 4 neuroblast-for a total miracle

Pray for Jody-that the pregnancy will go full term and that al will be well

Pray for Janet Foster’s Aunt Doreen who has had a stroke and now in a care home

Pray for Emma’s young friend Kim-that she will fully recover from the op and that the cancer will not return

Pray for Tina Davies who has been made redundant-that she will get a job.

Pray for Jo Master’s daughter Chloe to fully recover from the car accident

Pray for Andi Hill’s sister Suzy is planned to go into hospital for a gall bladder operation on 19th August.

Pray for Jo’s uncle Richard who has a gall bladder operation on  1/8

Pray for Paul Wood ministering each Monday online at MNCKettlethorpe facebook have pulled the online message-we are in a battle!

Pray for Luke ministering each week online as chaplain of Wakefield FC

Pray for all members of the NLCC staff team-Nicola Baldwin; Jo Masters;, Tess Strode; Luke Crompton; Kevin Foster as well as all  the nursery team including John Fowley.