Hi everyone,

We certainly live in unprecedented days and Janet and I, Luke and Janna and the leadership team at New Life are praying for God’s peace, presence, health and divine wisdom to be with you and your loved ones in the days ahead.

Yesterday in Westminster the Prime Minister advised that the nation should limit social contact in groups and then after a question in parliament last night, it was specified that this should include religious and faith gatherings.

We must do our utmost to adhere to national guidelines regarding Coronavirus. It’s important for you to understand that the government is not restricting worship nor indeed freedom of religion but rather, are seeking to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

This means then, that for the foreseeable future, we will not be able to meet as the gathered church in small groups or on a Sunday.
This brings an incredible challenge and opportunity for us. Some of the staff team met today and discussed how we could continue to BE the church whilst not being able to MEET as a church.

We believe we have an opportunity to express our faith in different ways and in particular by each of us showing our trust in God in and through all that we are facing.
We believe we have an opportunity in the coming months to show our love for one another, to care for one another, to look out for one another as well as practically show acts of kindness towards each other. I am asking you to keep in contact with your friends from New Life and make sure church happens
We also want to encourage us all to look out for and love our neighbours in whatever way you feel you are able-to show them the love of Christ.

We are going to try to keep in contact with you in as many ways as possible via social media including our facebook page, facebook groups, texts and via our website.

To this end, Every Sunday at 11am we will be holding a Facebook live service
this will last up to half an hour and will include prayers and creative forms of worship.

Every Wednesday at 6.30pm Luke and Janna will be holding a New Life Kidz
Live Facebook session our our children (4-11s)

Every Friday at 7pm Luke and Janna will be holding an Ignite Youth
Live Facebook session for our young people (11-18s)

We will be sending you how to link to these later this week

Should you need to contact us, the office will be manned each Tuesday and Friday from 9am-12.30pm

It is vital in this season that we press into God for a breakthrough. We are joining with Churches Together in England in calling all Churches to a day of prayer this Sunday the 22nd March-this will form part of our service this week
So let us join together with all our brothers and sisters in Wales, Scotland and England, to pray for God to move miraculously. we know we worship a God who can hear our prayers and heal our land of this virus.

So can I thankyou in advance for all your love and support for the New Life family and for us as leaders the church
God bless you

Kevin and Janet