Based on Market Street in the city centre CAP feeds around 80 people a day, some of whom are homeless but each one is  facing hardship in some form or another. Our doors have been open all through lockdown with strict government restrictions in place.

Our approach is through relationships. By getting to know our clients well and creating a place of trust and sanctuary for them, we can help them in a truly “whole person” sense, rather than merely offering practical stop-gaps.

Average number of clients assisted each year: 854

Average number of hot meals served each year: 19013

Average number of NEW referrals to the service each year: 342

The type of support we offer includes:

•  Provision of emergency basic needs i.e. food, clothing, showers, baby equipment, household goods and furniture

•   Friendship and restoration of self-worth

•   Counselling, emotional and interpersonal support

•   Employment and education help and advice

•   Help to find a long term permanent housing solution

•   Help with form filling and internet based applications

•   Basic life skills development e.g. how to shop, cook, manage money etc.

•   Sign-posting to other agencies for further help e.g. health, mental health, benefits.

•   Hosting of weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

•   Hosting of twice weekly Together Women sessions for women fleeing abuse.

For the last 3 years we have not had any statutory funding and both monetary donations and supplies have come from the goodwill of the public and local businesses for which we are forever grateful.

The annual hamper appeal runs every December when food hampers are distributed to local families in hardship.  This years target is in excess of 800.