C6 groups

Hi everyone-God bless you and your family at this time!

With the government likely to be imposing further restrictions in the coming days and the likelihood that ‘normality’ will not return for some months, we as a leadership team, have been seeking further ways to help everyone in the church stay connected with us and each other.
In the months ahead we will continue our midweek reflections, life groups, Tuesday Day of prayer and midday prayer meeting and our Sunday morning ‘live’ and ‘online’ service. (In the first six weeks of live services, 90 different people have attended the live service).

We know that many of you have kept in contact via email and/or telephone in order to encourage and to bless one another-thank you so much!
We are conscious that some may have missed out on connecting with others but it is our heart that all of us are both connected and supported through this difficult and protracted season.

As you know, the government has made six the maximum number of people allowed to meet in a social setting so using this same number, we are introducing what we are calling Connect Six Groups (C6)
Those wanting to be part of these small networks will be placed in a group of six and the hope is that everyone in the group will keep in contact and encourage and pray for one another on a regular basis. Please note, because of the situation, these groups, will not be expected to meet up physically together.
The groups are for pastors, leaders, members and all attendees of the church.
Although we know that many of you have your own network of friends, we would encourage you to consider widening your network so that more can be mutually encouraged by your faith and walk with God c/f Romans 1:12.
We can only put people in a group of six if they are willing for their contact number to be passed on to the other five members (NB we will not pass on your details to anyone else).

We want to start the groups as soon as possible but by the latest mid-November, so please let me know if you want to be included in a C6 group by the 31st October.

You can let me know via email on kdfoster@live.co.uk or text me on 07735978707.

I will assume if you contact and ‘register’ with me, that you are giving your permission for your number to be given to the other five people in your group.
If you are new to the church you are welcome to join a group but we will need your contact details- please send me your name, address and mobile/telephone number

These C6 Groups are another way in which we as a church family can show our ongoing love for one another and I hope you will want to belong and take part. They give us all the opportunity to receive from the church but also to be the church!

We don’t know what lies in store for us as a church or a nation but we know that God is with us and will work all these things for our good and that he is building his church-building you and me together as one family.
Let’s do all we can to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace

Finally, can I take this opportunity of thanking you once again for your continued love and support for me and all the leadership team at New Life.
Thank you for your giving, your service and your prayers.
As leaders, we are so thankful to God for you all and we miss you very much.

I look forward to hearing from you in the weeks ahead.